Saturday, October 5, 2013

Monica Stålvang


As you might know, I am half Norwegian and that's why I spend a lot of time visiting my family up north.  Norway is such a beautiful, but also very cold and snowy country, so you need to be aware of what kind of shoes you are going to wear.

A few days ago I met a really special person: Monica Stålvang. She has the answers to our shoe problems in winter. Her shoes have a rough sole at the front and a statement heel at the back, so you don't need to worry about slipping and falling. Nevertheless, they look very elegant and high fashion!  I fell in love with her shoes when I first saw them at "Designerkolektivitet" in Glassmagsin, Oslo.  They looked so different from all the other shoes that are out on the market these days!  There was so much thinking behind this! So why not meet the special person behind these amazing designs?? The next day I went to Monica Stålvang's shop in Stensgate. 

For Monica it is important to create a good quality, a long lasting look (so that you can wear the shoes for more than a year) and a comfortable feeling!! The quality of her leather is incredible because she chooses the material from leather sellers in Italy.  Nor does she only uses this high qualified leather on the outside of her shoe but also on the inside! Additionally I love how she mixes two materials for one pair of shoes or how her shoes look totally different even though they have the same design. So when you fall in love with a design it is possible that you fall in love with not only one pair of shoes but three!!

Her shoes are also very comfortable, which I experienced because I walked miles through Oslo.
You can always get a cheap sweater or t-shirt but with shoes it is totally different. You spend your days in them and you trust them to get you through the day. 
As a consequence why not pay attention to what your poor feet are going to suffer through!



  1. these are some really unusual shoes!

  2. nice shoes. definitely a bit edgy :-)

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  3. These are such a great practical idea!

    Loving your blog =)


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  5. amazing shoes!!! i love all ;)
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    kisses pretty