Nicola Marleen

Hey guys! My name is Nicki I grew up in Germany and at this moment I'm a student. 

I‘m half German and half Norwegian and also have some family in the United States. 
I really love to be part of a very international family. 
As the vikings were my ancestors I love traveling and experiencing even more different cultures.

While traveling I always watch people on the airport passing by. Then I look at there styles. I always think it s kind of interesting how you can relate the style to the country people come from.

I would not call my self „German clothed“, because I always love to pick up some inspirational ideas and items from the countries I travel to.

Fashion is just so much more then just buying clothes and beeing trendy. It's about expressing yourself to the outside world! If you dress differently, people will see you in another angle! I must admit that I love to play with that. It's so interesting to see people reacting to what you were.

" Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn!"

Gore Vidal

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