Thursday, April 11, 2013

Black and White

Yesterday I was out doing a photoshoot with my friend Andrea in a German town called Wiesbaden. 

It was really fun walking through the city and taking pictures.
It was just crazy how many people stopped by and watched us climbing onto a tree!
Some men even stood there for a while watching and discussing for what reason we were taking our pictures. 
They came to the conclusion it was for "Douglas" a German Make up house where you can just buy everything! 
I love to go there, so I was kind of flattered!

The day was said to be the hottest and sunniest day since a while but actually the sun was missing and spring still isn't here yet.

Anyhow it works out pretty good with my black and white outfit! 

I hope you guys enjoy it!


Jacket: Forever 21
Dress: H&M
Purse: Aigner
Shoes: Anne Klein


  1. Absolutely fab outfit!
    Keep in touch!
    Kisses x