Friday, May 31, 2013

Summer in my dress

I went down to the city on wednesday and actually I didn't want to buy anything...
I just wanted to get a little bit of inspiration but well...
Things don't ever go the way you want them to! 
Consequently I saw this amazing dress at H&M for just 7€!!!
It's just so beautiful and so cheap so I couldn't insist!
It's finally something else then all the darker outfits I wore lately, so I figured for this post I just get me some summer in my dress!
The weather wasn't really that amazing but hey it didn't rain! 
That's at least something ;-)
I chose to wear it in two different ways 'cause I liked both while trying it on! 
Isn't it funny how shoes can make that much of a difference?!

Hope the sun will shine for all of you!

Dress: H&M
Jeans-Jacket: Agaci to
Jacket : Agaci to
Rings: Bijou Brigitte
Sunglasses: from a gift-shop
Shoes: Nike


  1. Very cool outfit!
    Kisses x

  2. Wao, what a steal!! Your new dress is so pretty and I love both ways you styled it!

  3. vielen dank für deinen kommentar! :) wir followen jetzt deinem blog, der uns sehr gut gefällt! :)

    xoxo Patty & Mira

  4. Vorab: Vielen lieben Dank für Deinen super netten Kommentar auf meinem Blog :-) ... Herzlich willkommen unter den Fashion-Bloggerinnen - wünsche Dir ganz viel Spaß mit Deinem wirklich tollen Blog! Würde mich freuen, wenn Du wieder mal bei mir vorbei schaust! GLG aus Wien,


  5. tolles outfit und wirklich toller blog! :)

  6. Ich mag deinen Blog total gern!
    Seit Kurzem habe ich auch einen Eignen, vielleicht möchtest du ja mal vorbeischauen!
    Weiter so, liebe Grüße, Jacqueline

  7. I love that dress with those glasses! It look lovely!! Great look :D

    The Red Lil' Shoes Blog

  8. I love this blog and you are very fashion!!I follow you on Facebook, bloglovin, instagram and i'm your follower!!
    Follow me too!! xoxo
    Facebook: venusenfourrure

  9. Great dress - you made such a wise purchase. You can accessorize this in tons of ways! So perfect for summer too. The color just blow me away!

  10. thanks for your comment! i like your blog could be great following each other!

    Oh! New post in my blog! :) blogthedreams, kisses!

  11. That dress is amazing! Definitely one of my favorite looks I've seen on the web. :) It's perfect with the denim jacket dear.
    Following you now back via GFC. Thank you so much for the support!

    xx, Mela